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The Business Value of SAP BTP


SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is a comprehensive and interoperable technology platform designed to drive fast business value creation. With over 15,500 live customers and a thriving ecosystem of over 1,500 partners, SAP BTP has been helping businesses in various industries and corners of the world for three years.

SAP BTP is not just a platform for SAP applications, it also offers all the necessary tools and services for application development, data management, planning and analytics, integration, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. From automating 91% of incoming emails for Villeroy & Boch to leveraging data insights for increased fan engagement for NHL’s San Jose Sharks, SAP BTP has proven to be a powerful technology solution.

At the core of everything SAP does is a focus on business, which is reflected in the ‘B’ in BTP. The platform enables developers, business users, and partners to innovate with market-leading capabilities and native integration, all while providing a trusted platform that runs with confidence.

With semantic integration and contextualized data, SAP BTP users can access relevant content and data from SAP applications without losing context, leading to faster time-to-value and lower total cost of ownership. This was confirmed by a recent IDC study that showed benefits worth an annual average of $195,000 per 100 SAP users, an average three-year return on investment (ROI) of 495%, and a break-even point averaging only six months.

SAP BTP has over 3,300 APIs, more than 260 data and analytics packages, over 2,600 pre-built integrations, and more than 300 SAP Process Automation Packages. Businesses do not have to start from scratch as pre-built use cases, business, and industry content help customers understand what is possible and keep their business innovative and future-ready.

Learn more about getting started with SAP BTP and how it can drive value for your business by reading “Implement SAP Use Cases with Pre-Built Business Content.” Use the dynamic business value tool on sap.com to generate a custom report and quantify the value SAP BTP could bring to your organization.

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